Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

Quantas Founders Museum (02.08.2012)

Today we stay in Longreach with its 3200 population to do a full day visit to the Quantas Founders Museum. The airline Quantas was actually founded here in the outback.

But first thing in the morning we go to the camp kitchen to see the almost tame Brolga - the Australian Cranes. They can be handfed.

The Quantas Founders Museum is right at Longreachs Airport.

The museum consists of a big hall, the original Q.U.A.N.T.A.S. Hangar and an open space.

In the hall there are various items on display including two 1:1 replica planes from the 1910-20th.

One is an AVRO the other one is the first plane Q.U.A.N.T.A.S. built on their own - they were the only airline building there own planes. It is an early licensed version of a De Havilland with a small passenger compartment.

Outside ther are a 747 and a 707 which can both be visited with a tour guide.

They also offer wing tours on the 747.

One can stand in one of the large engines of the 747.

The 707 is painted in old Quantas colours but the interior is of a private jet of the 80th.

The plane was used by The Jackson Five on one of their tours.

Cockpit of the 707.

Joshua in a private compartment of the 707.

A DC3.

The first Quantas hangar.

And another De Havilland in the hangar. This one has a cabin for 7 passengers with sliding windows for "aircondition" and the first plane ever ith a toilet.

G'day Longreach!

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