Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

Longreach to Winton (180km)

Only a short distance to travel today. In front of the campground at the highway there is a petrol station where we refill. On the other side of the road many road trains stop for a coffee at the station.

Before we leave, we have another stop at Longraches mainroad.

Jonah is so keen to get a real outback hat - so we go to a real outback wears store to get him one.

Jonah loves his new hat.

And now we are back on the road, the landscape gets again more boring.

On our way we see an Australian Greyhound bus - this is one for Jeremia ;)
Winton is another small Queensland outback settlement with two attractions. One are dinosaurs found in the region. However, to see the original footprints one would need to travel another 110km - on gravel road. Not an option for our motorhome.

The other is the Waltzing Mathilda Heritage Museum. This is all about Australias famous national song. How it all began and started o bome popular.

The museum also displays a lot of heritage items from the region, similar to the Historical Museum in Gympie.

There is also a copy of the dinosaur footprints.

At 3pm we are already on our quite dusty campground. The kids enjoy the pool for the rest of the day. I am bothered with uploading this blog for the last two days with very slow and instable 3G connection. Requires lots of patience...
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Position:Dump Rd,Corfield,Australien

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