Samstag, 18. August 2012

Goodbye Australia!

Today we have to leave. After an extensive breaky we have a little photo shoot with the kids.

On the other side of the house we observe a nearby bushfire.
This was actually a controlled grass fire which jumped containment lines and came within 100 metres of Brisbane homes. Such fires are layed by firefighters in winter when temperatures are low and it is not to windy. However, the morning was in fact a bit windy. Read more about this fire on Brisbane Times website:

Now we are off to a park and around noon we will be at the airport. Our plane leaves at 14:40 from Brisbane to Singapore. 24 hours later, at 6:30 on Monday morning we will be back to Frankfurt.

Finally we are at Brisbane Airport and say Goodbye to our friends!

(c) Dirk Frantzen 2012 — published via iPad

Position:Camelia Ave,Everton Hills,Australien

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