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Billabong Sanctuary (06.08.2012)

On our way from Townsville to Airlie Beach (270km) we stopover at the Billabong Sanctuary, 11 km south of Townsville. This is a very nice little zoo with local animals.

We arrive in time for the presentation of the Wombat, an animal related to the cute Koalas.

The northern hairy-nosed wombat is an endangered species. The biggest threats the species faces are its small population size, predation by wild dogs, competition for food because of overgrazing by cattle and sheep, and disease. They also have a very slow reproduction rate.
The only known wild populations of this species exist in two locations in Queensland, the Epping Forrest National Park, and a smaller colony being established by translocating wombats to the Richard Underwood Nature Refuge at Yarran Downs.
The wombat population in the Epping Forrest National Park has been increasing since a predator-proof fence was erected in the park. According to the latest census, taken in 2007, the park is home to 138 of these endangered wombats.

Next is the Koala patting. There is a blind Koala that can be touched.

Later Joshua can hold the Koala and has a photo together with his brothers.

The park is full of tame Wallabies which are smaller than Kangaroos.

There is a baby kangaroo with his mother.

The love being hand fed by us. Many of them carry their children.

Then a tame Dingo girl can be touched. Quite astonishing she loves cuddling with everyone. Just thinking about the wild Dingos on Frazer Island...

However, the crocodiles are not tame ;)

The Australian saltwater crocodile enjoys "hunting" his meal.

The American Alligator even more.
Another 3 hours on the road and we reach the wonderful campground at Airlie Beach where we will stay for three nights.

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Position:Billabong Sanctuary, Townsville, Australien

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